The Best Software for UI/UX Design

Have you ever wondered what the best software for UI/UX design is? Maybe you’ve used Photoshop in the past and were able to achieve decent results. But, there are many other programs on the market – how do you know which one to use?

If you somehow ended up on this post, there’s a chance that you’re on the hunt for the best software for UI/UX design. It’s constantly evolving with new features and benefits, which is why it can be really hard to choose. Let me share my own experiences with you, so you can find the best software for UI/UX design that’s perfect for your situation.

I’m sure you’ve heard of software like Figma, Uizard, Invision, Adobe XD, and Sketch. These tools are specifically meant for UI/UX designers to make their workflow easier. Some months ago, I was looking for the best software for UI/UX design, so I went on a hunt to try out these products (and more!).

The best software for UI/UX design depends on your use case

If you’re someone who loves aspects of design, you’ve likely tried a lot of software for UI/UX design. But what’s the best software for UI/UX design? That depends on your personal use case. I’ll go over some of the best software for UI/UX design and explain how to choose the one that is right for your project.

When it comes to software, there are so many options for every task whether it’s simple or complex. The choice is overwhelming for many people, especially when it comes to design. There are so many options, particularly in the UI/UX realm: Figma, Uizard, Invision, Adobe XD, Sketch, and so much more. To help you navigate the world of design software and choose the best software for UI/UX design based on your needs, I’ve put together a small list of my favorite tools and a little tip on when you should use them.

I hope this will be helpful as I truly believe that it’s important that you actually like and believe in the software you use because it will make your job so much easier if you do.

Top 3 best software for UI/UX design

Disclaimer: These are of course only based on my personal (albeit comprehensive) experience with the different UI/UX design tools!

1. Figma

Today, designers need a lot of different software for UI/UX design. Figma is a browser-based design tool that offers powerful Photoshop-like features and great collaboration tools to make your workflow easier. If you're a more experienced designer who works with complex components, Figma could be the best software for UI/UX design for you.

Figma is the best software for UI/UX design for you if you're looking for an online editor that allows real-time collaboration and quick turnarounds. Truth be told, I believe Figma is the most powerful tool for experienced UI designers, and I’ve been really impressed with how much it can offer.

2. Adobe XD

You might wonder why many designers and digital artists prefer Adobe XD over Figma. I get the charm. Actually, Adobe XD is a powerful tool and a native application for both Mac or Windows users. For a significant number of people, being a native application is essential to being named the best software for UI/UX design.

I came across Adobe XD when it was launched in 2016. And ever since, I have been following its development eagerly. Being a designer, I was eager to try different tools if they were going to help me complete my work quicker and easier. I tried online prototyping tools, but were disappointed by their inability to provide me with a native application that can enable me to work offline. If you would rather have something you can work on during long plane rides or in areas with bad internet connectivity, I do believe that Adobe XD could be the best software for UI/UX design for you.

In addition to that, I also do appreciate that Adobe XD is part of the Adobe Creative Cloud. It’s a good tool if you’re a designer that works with other tools from their stack, such as when you’re editing images in Photoshop, creating graphics in Illustrator, and animating in After Effects.

3. Uizard

Uizard is definitely the new kid on the block here, but I do believe that it deserves a chance as the best software for UI/UX design, especially for a certain group of people.

Essentially, Uizard is an easy-to-use wireframing and prototyping software that’s very quick to learn. It’s been tried and tested by non-designers all over the world from large enterprises. Uizard helps create beautiful interactive prototypes that you can share with your teams and clients.

I believe it should be on the running for best software for UI/UX design because it democratizes design and gives non-designers the ability to create gorgeous apps and websites, as well. The tool’s interface is pretty much reminiscent of presentation software, and it honestly is as easy to use as Powerpoint. It’s also pretty cool to see that it has some AI features, such as transforming wireframes to digital versions and creating themes (a lightweight design system) from any image or website. Do give Uizard a try if you want a design software without the bells and whistles and steep learning curves of other software!

Find the Best Software for UI/UX Design Exactly for You with the Design Tool Picker

If you want a more comprehensive way to choose the best software for UI/UX design, I do recommend you use the Design Tool Picker I created. It’s a free tool that suggests the best software for UI/UX design for you, after answering only a few questions.