Discover the Best Figma Alternative with the Design Tool Picker

Are you on the hunt for the best Figma alternative?

If you’re a web designer, an app developer, or someone who’s just looking to build something great, there’s a chance that you might be looking for a good Figma alternative. Figma is a great tool for designing websites and apps, but it has its limitations.

There’s no doubt that Figma has proven to be a valuable tool for many designers. But it’s essential to realize that a good Figma alternative does exist in the market.

What are the best providers that allow you to create your own online design collaboration tool compatible with Figma? What Figma alternative should you use? I tried to use a lot of online product design solutions and created a comprehensive list of providers where you can create designs compatible with Figma and also ones that are different, but with just as appealing offerings as Figma.

We’ll talk about that in a bit, but first thing’s first!

Only choose a Figma alternative if Figma really isn’t for you

Let’s be honest, and let’s give the Figma folks the credit they deserve. Figma is a great design tool. It has positioned itself as the go-to tool for designer collaboration by making it easy to work online with other designers or with teams on specific projects.

With Figma, you can create quality designs that are easily interactive and scalable. Several options help you get things done faster while focusing on precision and quality. As of 2017, Figma has grown to be a huge player in the design world. And to many designers, it's known as the best design tool available.

Let’s say that that’s established: Figma is the new hottest thing in web design, everyone from Google to Medium to Netflix use it to create their designs. You’ve also been told that it’s been built to make the designing and collaboration process much easier. You want what everyone else has, you want Figma. But there’s one problem — Figma is just a tad too technical.

As great as Figma is, it’s not without its flaws, and at some point, you’ll just want to find a good Figma alternative that has a friendlier learning curve.

Sometimes, you just need an easier Figma alternative

Figma is undoubtedly a great design tool and has many wonderful features, but there are times when it’s just a pain to learn. Figma’s UI can be a little intimidating for beginners, and many users are still not used to using a whole new software platform to create their designs. There are times where you would be better off sticking with something simpler, like Powerpoint, Canva, or Uizard.

Many people have been asking me about a good Figma alternative for a very long time, even before I started working on the Design Tool Picker. If you ever used Figma, you would understand that it might be because the software can indeed be time-consuming and complicated to use. Long story short, Figma is a fantastic design tool for digital interfaces and product design, but it isn’t always easy to use. This is where the Design Tool Picker comes in.

The Design Tool Picker is a project I created that considers several design tools and recommends the best design tool and the best Figma alternative for you after answering a couple of questions. Sometimes when you are working on a project, you need to design something that is in between the complexities of an infographic and the direct UI/UX work. Perhaps you’re looking for a design tool that can help bridge that gap, and while working on the Design Tool Picker, that’s something I’ve taken into consideration.

Whether you are looking for something simpler, more user-friendly, or just better designed to meet your unique needs, there is a Figma alternative out there, and the Design Tool Picker will help you find it.

The Design Tool Picker gives you the best Figma alternative

Figma has received a lot of attention throughout the recent years. But is it worth all the hype? The Design Tool Picker helps you out with deciding if Figma is the perfect tool for you or if you’re better off with a Figma alternative.

Design tools seem to be popping up out of nowhere. They claim to be the best — the favorite. But if you’ve come to choose the best Figma alternative, I encourage you to first try out the free tool that I created.