Tool Highlight

This month, we highlight the best design tools that run entirely on your web browser. All of the software showcased here just work seamlessly on the web and on all operating systems!

The best graphic design software for beginners

Canva is the best tool for beginners! It offers a fast and easy way to do graphic design and create posters, logos, infographics, social media posts, or flyers.

The best screen design software for beginners

Uizard is the easiest design tool for creating beautiful and professional apps and websites! Its ease and speed also makes it the ideal tool for UX designers that need to quickly design interfaces.

The best screen design software for professional designers

Figma has all the features needed for professional UI designers! This tool is the best option for the pros that need advanced vector design features and aren't afraid to spend the time it takes to get pixel-perfect results.

The best software for designing presentations

Pitch is the best solution for designing slides and decks. It's a modern alternative to Google Docs packed with beautiful templates to start from.